Nasa Programs For Students

Nasa Programs for Students. NASA has a strong commitment to education and outreach, offering a variety of programs aimed at engaging students in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

These programs are designed to foster students' interest in STEM and provide them with exciting opportunities to explore and learn about space and science.

NASA Internships and Scholarships

Nasa Programs For Students

NASA internships and fellowships provide valuable hands-on field experience for undergraduate and graduate students interested in working in aerospace.

Participants have the opportunity to work on innovative projects and collaborate with NASA professionals in areas such as research, space mission design, programming and engineering.

These experiences offer an invaluable opportunity to develop technical skills and network in the space industry. The application requirements and process vary by program, but generally include submitting an online application and a letter of recommendation.

NASA Space Grant Consortium - Nasa Programs For Students

Nasa Programs For Students

The NASA Space Grants program aims to foster the development of quality academic programs in STEM at institutions of higher education across the country.

Through scholarships, research opportunities and internships, the program supports students interested in space careers. Space grant recipients have the opportunity to work collaboratively with NASA on innovative research projects and gain hands-on experience in the space industry.

NASA Educational Robotics Program

NASA's educational robotics program is designed for K-12 students and aims to foster interest in STEM disciplines through hands-on learning and competition.

Students have the opportunity to participate in robot challenges and competitions organized by NASA, where they can apply their knowledge and skills in design, programming and problem solving.

Participation in educational robotics activities encourages critical thinking, problem solving, and team collaboration.


The Minority Collegiate Education and Research Program (MUREP) is a program specifically designed to promote the participation of minority students in STEM careers.

Through this program, NASA offers research opportunities, scholarships, and partnerships with minority-serving institutions.

Participants in the MUREP program have access to NASA mentors, exciting research opportunities, and educational resources that help them advance their scientific and technical careers.

NASA citizen science projects

NASA is also involved in citizen science initiatives, where students can contribute their observations and data to the space agency's research projects.

These projects offer a unique opportunity for students to participate in cutting-edge science and directly contribute to NASA's research efforts. NASA citizen science projects cover a wide range of topics, such as bird watching, climate data collection, and identifying new planets.

NASA Space Settlement Design Competition

NASA's Space Settlement Design Competition challenges students to think big and design future settlements in space.

Participants must create innovative designs that address technical, social and economic challenges for possible space colonization. Winning projects are selected by industry experts and students receive recognition and awards for their work.

By participating in this competition, students have the opportunity to develop design and presentation skills, as well as explore new ideas and approaches to living in space.

NASA Leadership School for Girls

The NASA Leadership School for Girls is an initiative aimed at empowering girls in STEM education.

Through interactive workshops, hands-on activities, and inspiring talks, participants have the opportunity to explore diverse STEM fields and connect with leading women in the industry.

The NASA Leadership School for Girls aims to break down gender barriers and stereotypes by encouraging girls to follow their interests in STEM and pursue careers in science and technology.

NASA Educational Resources

NASA offers a wide range of educational resources on its website, suitable for educators and students.

These resources include lesson plans, videos, interactive activities, and educational materials that can be used to enrich learning in the classroom or at home.

Educators can find resources that align with curricular standards and students can explore and learn about a variety of science and space exploration topics.

NASA has a number of exciting programs aimed at engaging students in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

These programs offer valuable opportunities for students of all ages and backgrounds to explore and develop an interest in STEM.

Participating in these programs not only helps students gain technical skills and practical experience, but can also open doors to exciting careers in the space industry.

It is important to highlight the importance of these programs to enjoy a successful academic and professional future in STEM and foster the next generation of scientists and engineers.

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